The News Spy App

Take Advantage of the Volatility Resulting from Bitcoin News and Earn Profits Daily!

All trading carries risk!

The News Spy Features

Easy to use Platform

The News Spy app makes crypto trading easy for all since all the technical aspects of trading are easy and safe. You don’t need any crypto trading skill whatsoever to hit the home run with us. Please register with us on this page, fund your account through the matched broker, and open a live trading session.

Proven Performance

The News Spy is top-rated on the majority of independent consumer review platforms. The News Spy is also reviewed extensively by experts on high-traffic crypto and mainstream platforms. Most of our clients report satisfaction with profitability, ease of use, and safety.

Seamless withdrawal process

The News Spy is always striving towards offering the best of services to our clients. With us, you can withdraw your profits whenever you feel like it and for free. We offer up to 10 free withdrawals per month, after which a 1% fee applies per subsequent withdrawal.

Why Trade With The News Spy App?

The News Spy offers an easy way for complete beginners to ride news-driven crypto volatility and generate insane profits in the process. We are also popular with expert traders, given our insane profitability.

The News Spy generates up to 70% in daily profits during periods of sustained crypto volatility. Profitability is magnified by the high leverage provided by our highly reputable partner brokers. We have partnered with top brokers in the US, Australia, Cyprus, and South Africa.

With The News Spy app, there are no license fees or fund management fees. You only pay a 2% commission on any profits you make with us. We do not charge any commissions on unprofitable accounts. You can withdraw up to ten times per month for free.

Trade News on up to 65 Highly Volatile Cryptos Through the News Spy


1. Is The News Spy app Trustworthy?

We are a trustworthy auto-trading system applying the best technologies to ensure a transparent trading environment.

2. What does it take to trade with The News Spy app?

Anyone willing to read and follow simple instructions should be able to use this trading system successfully. This is because all trading with this bot is fully automated.

3. How much does The News Spy cost?

The News Spy is free for all users. You only pay a commission of 2% when profitable. Unprofitable accounts do not pay anything.

4. Is The News Spy Profitable?

Yes! Thousands of users have gained financial freedom through our trading system. With us, you could earn a daily profit of up to 70%.

5. How long does it take to trade with The News Spy?

Setting up The News Spy trading platform for trading shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. You can leave to trade without interruption for up to 8 hours daily as you continue with your daily business.

6. Does The News Spy offer an app?

Yes! Check your email for our Native Android/iOS download links after registration. You can also access the links from the trading resources dashboard.

An In-depth Review of The News Spy App

How to trade with the News Spy?

Trading with The News Spy should be a walk in the park if you take the time to read and understand our trading guide. Please note that you can access our platform from over 120 countries, including the UK, Australia, and South Africa.

We do not allow clients from the US and a few other countries due to regulatory challenges. The News Spy offers multilingual services covering English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Chinese.

You can contact our customer service 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday. We do not operate during the weekends and on public holidays because the markets are closed then. The News Spy has helped thousands of users gain financial freedom through crypto CFDs trading.

Try your luck with our AI-driven news trading system through the steps below.

1) Visit the News Spy official website and create an account. Complete the registration by providing identifying documents through one of our partner brokers.


2) Deposit your trading capital via the broker. You can deposit through wire transfer and debit/credit cards. Some of our partner brokers also support e-wallets and crypto-wallets.


3) You will receive a welcome call from one of our agents and a tour through the live trading platform. Watch the trading tutorial video and use the provided demo to fully prepare.

4) Set The News Spy app risk management tools as per the guide and start a live trading session.

What is The News Spy?

The News Spy is a trading service offered to help ordinary people trade the insane volatility resulting from the latest crypto news. We are the only AI-driven news trading robot for crypto trading in the market today.

Most of our clients have made fortunes through our platform. There is no reason why you shouldn’t try your luck with us. You could generate a daily return of up to 70%. The News Spy trades crypto volatility on high leverage.

This makes it a high-risk trading option. Invest wisely!

The News Spy Review – Key Facts! 

We have built a strong brand, having been offering news-driven trading for over five years. Here are some exciting facts about The News Spy.

  •  The News Spy trading system is the most advanced news-trading tool in the entire crypto trading industry.
  •  While most competitors require hefty license fees and huge deposits, The News Spy is free and only requires a trading capital of as little as $250.
  •  The News Spy profitability rate could make your fortune from a $250 investment within months of high volatility trading.
Is The News Spy app a scam? The Verdict!

The News Spy is a powerful and highly popular auto-trading system. Our algorithms are powered by advanced AI technologies to detect notable news and place bets on the resulting volatility.

We are the first AI-powered news trading platform for crypto CFDs trading. Most of our competitors offer traditional asset trading. Registering with us is free, and we do not charge any fees or commissions until you are profitable.

You can try your luck with The News Spy by signing up on our official website. We accept registrations from all countries that allow retail CFDs trading. The News Spy could make you a crypto millionaire within months of trading during periods of sustained volatility such as today.

However, the risks associated with leveraged crypto trading remain. There is a possibility of losing the invested capital when trading with The News Spy.

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